GGGolf is a software managing membership, tee times, reservation ballots, tournaments, handicap, point of sale, restrictions and much more! In addition to providing an exceptional product, GGGolf guarantees outstanding customer service. GGGolf is a Canadian business specializing in golf software for over 15 years. 


GGGolf ensures time savings related to bookings and helps to reduce costs while providing your members and visitors exceptional service via a touch screen, as well as online and mobile platforms.





Recently, the Joliette Golf Club has acquired the GGGolf software. This system allows a significant improvement in the management, online tee times bookings and handicap management offered to members. It is truly appreciated, especially in a golf club, as it is very user friendly and well adapted to the golf club managers' needs.


For example, the personal records of each member allow better monitoring of the season and member progression.


In addition, this software has a place for every detail and allows for easy changes and updates. Each member's information can be completely entered and no detail is left to chance.

We are very pleased with the purchase of this software and we recommend it highly to all golf club managers. It is a complete management tools that helps a lot.



- Pierre Pineau
  General Manager, Joliette Golf Club