Dear Customers and friends,


We are thrilled to announce that GGGolf is now part of the Valsoft family, a Montreal-based technology and software company.


What does this mean for you?

On a daily basis, things will continue as usual and you can expect our full assistance in helping you manage your clubs. Valsoft is committed to ensuring that GGGolf will continue to provide its customers the same quality of services and world-class solutions. We believe that, with Valsoft’s experience and investment, we will be able to explore new technologies, markets and ensure the longevity of all that is critical to the management of your operations.


What does this mean for us?

Our whole team will stay on board at our Longueuil office, including Lise and I, with the same address, phone numbers and people you know and love!


What’s next

When Lise and I started GGGolf 18 years ago, we were responding to the needs of the industry and we never stopped since. By joining our passions for golf, software development and customer service, GGGolf grew into the complete golf management system we know today. We are very happy to have found a new home for our company, as GGGolf and Valsoft’s values are shared: a passion for innovation, a focus on outstanding customer satisfaction and the desire to grow.


We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust, support and, most of all, for helping make GGGolf what it is today. For 18 years, we have made it our mission to work in close partnership with you and grow in this industry together. Our mission remains unchanged and we are excited and ready for this next chapter in our story.


Thank you,


Gilles Gauthier and Lise Beaudet


Who is Valsoft?

As a brief background, Valsoft Corporation acquires and develops vertical market software companies, enabling each business to deliver the best mission-critical solutions for customers in their respective industry or niche. A key pillar of Valsoft’s philosophy is to invest in stable businesses and then foster an entrepreneurial environment that molds a company into a leader in its respective industry. Unlike private equity and venture capital firms, Valsoft looks to buy, create value, and perpetually hold through long-term partnerships with existing management.


2019.02.07   GGGolf is now part of the Valsoft Family! Read the details here!


2019.01.25   GGGolf is happy to announce that the GGGolf tee sheet is now integrated with TagMarshal, the golf course intelligence and pace-of-play system