How golf courses can get ready for next golf season

How golf courses can get ready for next golf season

Make sure you hit the ground running for the 2021 season

The 2020 golf season came with many challenges, but golf courses around the country were resilient and adaptive. Courses have adjusted operations to ensure golfers can play safely and enjoy what clubhouses have to offer. The season has also seen an increase in new golfers, with the sport being one of the safer activities during the Covid pandemic. 

A late opening to the season led to a higher demand once courses began opening in mid-May. The first month of courses being opened saw 1.5 million games played across Quebec alone.

We have roughly six to eight weeks left before courses begin to close down once again ahead of winter. With over a month lost in the 2020 season, courses will have to do their best to make sure they can make the most of 2021.

There are several ways to do that, and GGGolf can help ensure courses are as best prepared as possible.

Continue safety measures implemented in 2020

There’s no telling what the next six months will bring us, before we open up the links again in 2021. All we know is that golf courses may very well need to continue existing measures and maintain clubhouse policies as they stand now. The good news is, courses have had a full season to get used to these measures. 

Ensure that hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the clubhouse, encourage members and guests to book tee times in advance and ensure you’re stocked up on PPE for your staff. Preparing throughout the offseason will leave you ready for 2021, no matter what the situation is at that point.

Repair and replace equipment early

Checking all equipment when preparing to close up, be it golf carts, ball washers, bug spray dispensers, etc.. will help you avoid scrambling in the early spring, when you’re gearing to open up. 

Ensure inventory is well stocked

Ordering from your supplier(s) earlier will ensure that any and all products will arrive on time. Whether your pro shop needs balls, cups, tees, clubs, or other equipment, getting orders in early will ensure you’re well stocked and ready to welcome back golfers on the day that you open.  

Training with GGGolf

GGGolf is prepared to help course operators adapt to new practices, including in-depth training sessions for course employees. Course staff can attend these sessions and become experts on the GGGolf system. The benefits that come with this include managing tee times more efficiently, helping reduce the length of rounds, and ensure an excellent membership experience. 

Reach out to the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about GGGolf’s comprehensive training sessions.


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