Minutegolf.ca is the reservation portal for public golfers. With a pool of more than 75 clubs to choose from, golfers can easily find a tee time at the date, time and in the area they want.

The portal has benefits for both clubs and golfers and is simply a must!


CLUB benefits

  • Email marketing
  • Attracts new golfers to your club
  • Increases your golf club's visibility
  • Reduces time lost by the proshop or starter taking tee time reservations on the phone
  • Maximizes tee time reservations
  • Automatically collects marketing information in the greenfee database

GOLFER benefits

  • Available 24/7
  • Eliminates unsuccessful calls to different clubs
  • Book online in less than a minute
  • Ideal for finding last-minute tee times
  • Discover new courses to play