Royal Colwood has greatly benefited from the install of GGGolf's Tee Management system this year.  Our ability to report on our golf activity, organize club events, and communicate directly and in a timely fashion with our members has been fantastic.  Like most private clubs, we have our own unique culture and special rules.  GGGolf's adaptability has met all of our needs to date, either with their existing programming or re-writing some programming to accommodate our specific requests.  The support team at GGGolf has been fantastic to work with also.  I couldn't be more pleased.

- Jason Giesbrecht
Director of Golf
Royal Colwood Golf Club

It has been a good year with GGGolf.  The user interface is far easier and faster to use saving us time.

The members have enjoyed the system. I have had few complaints about lottery results, and those I did had nothing to do with the system, it was just so busy.

Minor glitches have been handled quickly by customer service.

- Adam Cherry
Director of Golf
The Credit Valley Golf and Country Club

The Royal Ottawa Golf Club is very pleased with the first year of using the GGGolf Golf Management system.  GGGolf has significantly improved our golf operations and our members enjoy the numerous features GGGolf Member Services has to offer.  The integration with Jonas membership file works great, in that any new members and changes are interfaced daily into GGGolf, ensuring up to date information in both systems.

We especially appreciate the ease of use of the tee sheet and available options such as: the lottery system with weighting by category, group management for groups of foursomes for leagues, the drag and drop groups/players function, cart reservations as well as the automatic email notifications for lottery/tee time bookings/changes/cancellations feature.

Our members appreciate the Golf Canada Certified GGGolf handicap module, integrated to the Golf Canada Score Center. Our members enjoy the fact that they can decide whether or not to have their handicap available publicly on the Score Center. Additionally, the tee sheet / handicap integration is fantastic, where members receive email reminders automatically after a couple days when they have forgotten to post their score. The GGGolf peer review calculates percentage of scores posted and members can enter reasons for not posting a score. The Match Play tree management sends automatic email notifications for next round matches for single and double matches. Members can enter their match play results online to advance to the next round.

I am very pleased with the exceptional level of customer service support received from the GGGolf team.

- Paul Carrothers
  Royal Ottawa Golf Club

Logo-Joliette-2Recently, the Joliette Golf Club has acquired the GGGolf software. This system allows a significant improvement in the management, online tee times bookings and handicap management offered to members. It is truly appreciated, especially in a golf club, as it is very user friendly and well adapted to the golf club managers' needs.


For example, the personal records of each member allow better monitoring of the season and member progression.


In addition, this software has a place for every detail and allows for easy changes and updates. Each member's information can be completely entered and no detail is left to chance.

We are very pleased with the purchase of this software and we recommend it highly to all golf club managers. It is a complete management tools that helps a lot.



- Pierre Pineau
  General Manager, Joliette Golf Club

Logo-Bocherville-2Thanks to its ease of use, the GGGolf system was quickly usable by club members without having to host many training sessions. The system is also an endless source of information that can be used/sorted to meet different management and activity control needs of the club.  The customer support is of high quality, fast and efficient.


GGGolf, we can no longer work wihtout it!


- René Rouleau
  Administrator, Boucherville Golf Club

Logo-St-Jean-2The GGGolf software is appreciated by all users, from managers to members. They appreciate the ease of use and the Internet reservations. GGGolf isalso a dynamic support team that is always available and attentive to our needs.


- Jocelyne Labrecque
  Director of Administration, St-Jean Golf Club

Logo-Bocherville-2As a Starter, I use the GGGolf software daily. The system is simple and easy to use. It greatly facilitates reservations and tee times management for members and guests, while providing excellent control for the carts rentals.


The simplicity and flexibility of the system allow rapid integration with members and staff.


We now can hardly work without it.


- Christian Houde

   Starter, Boucherville Golf Club

Logo-Berthier-2Purchasing the GGGolf system proved to be not an expense for us, but a great investment.


- The Board of Directors
  Berthier Golf Club

Logo-Berthier-2The GGGolf system is very user friendly and easy to understand. Its handicap management system is highly effective and verifying each member's handicap is done easily.


- Alain Larivée
  Capiain, Berthier Golf Club

logo-ValléeDuRichelieu-2Early in the season, some members less familiar with Internet expressed some apprehension about the new GGGolf software. Their questions were quickly diminished upon their discovery of the many possibilities of the system and its ease of use. From home of the office, they can book tee-times, consult the calendar; follow the evolution of their handicap etc...Everything is easy, fast and fun. And those who don't have personal computers enjoy the same benefits at the club, thanks to the touch screens.

logo-ValléeDuRichelieu-2I do not know if you get a lot of member comments, but CONGRATULATIONS, in my opinion, you deserve great reviews and it is with great pleasure and enormous pride that I offer them. 


I am thrilled every time I use the site for booking or any other purposes. It is simply SUPER. Keep up the good work, it's very impressive!



- Réal Coulombe
  Membrer, Richelieu Valley Golf Club

logo-ValléeDuRichelieu-2Our club now has a controler that can handle everything at a glance with the software and a few mouse clicks!


The implementation of the GGGolf system resulted in many of our members discovering the Internet, and a few like it so much, they even bought their first computer.


- François James
  Golf Coordinator, Richelieu Valley Golf Club

Logo-Mirage-2As captain of the Club de Golf Le Mirage, mI would like to express my complete satisfaction with your tee time and handicap system.

You have demonstrated the flexibility of the systm and the response time to our sepcial requests was excellent.


Logo-Mirage-2Dear Gilles,

Allow me to take a moment of your time to share our appreciation of the GGGolf software.

Beign in the golf industry for over 18 years, I have worked with various programs over the years, but after 6 months of operation with GGGolf, I must emphasize to you our satisfaction. The tee times moduile is most complete, and it's ease of use is simply magical. Our members have been telling us throughout the season. The satisfaction rate is 100%.


2019.02.07   GGGolf is now part of the Valsoft Family! Read the details here!


2019.01.25   GGGolf is happy to announce that the GGGolf tee sheet is now integrated with TagMarshal, the golf course intelligence and pace-of-play system