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The GGGolf software is made of a core system and different modules and services. With GGGolf, you can customize the system according to your needs. 

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GGGolf Core System - Manage tee times and membership

Core System

The GGGolf Core System manages membership, member types, playing restrictions, member groups (leagues) , guest and visitors, and calendar information. The GGGolf Core system was made for Golf Clubs, but is also used by Curling Clubs, Private City Clubs and Yacht Clubs. 

Membership management allows you to manage membership data, including contact information, family members, locker and golf bag numbers, golf shop preferences in clothing and equipment and much more. An advanced reporting system can generate several membership reports. You can also print membership cards directly from the software, produce mailing labels, and manage greenfee/guest and carts booklet balances.

Tee Time Sheet

Easily manage your tee sheet, pace of play, restrictions, and more! Print your cart signs and bag labels easily. Swap players’ times by moving blocks of foursomes or individual players with a simple drag & drop. 

The color-coded tee sheet is intuitive and easy to use, allowing your employees to quickly become familiar with all the available features. All data collected in the tee sheet can be printed in different preset and customizable reports or exported to Excel for in depth analysis.

GGGolf Tee time sheet - User friendly, intuitive tee sheet.


Perform your ballot draws in a few clicks, automatically taking into account the priorities with a weighting system by member type, as well as penalties in the last draws, playing time restrictions for certain types of members, and much more. Our "finalize lottery" feature automatically opens the tee sheet and sends confirmation emails.

The system allows you to make reservations for small groups of foursomes and leagues and can merge twosomes and singles in the blink of an eye.


GGGolf Handicap is bi-directionnaly integrated with the Golf Canada Score Center! This means that scores posted in GGGolf will be synchronized to Golf Canada and vice-versa.

GGGolf Handicap is one of the only tee time management systems with complete control over the percentage of scores posted in the system, integrating scores with games booked in the tee sheet. This feature enables handicap committees to require a minimum percentage of games entered in order to accept tournament registrations. In addition, the GGGolf Member Services can automatically  notify members who have forgotten to post their scores. Members can post their scores or alternately enter reasons for not posting a score.


Event management

Manage your member and corporate events as well as non-golf events with GGGolf. 

A multitude of details can be entered, including tournament name, rounds,  format, online registrations, registration fees, meals and much more. 

Simplify your external tournament management and allow tournament organizers to enter their players online in the blocked tee sheet. Print personalized scorecardscart signs and golf bag tags from the tee sheet.

Member Web Services

Being more than just an online booking system, the GGGolf Internet services offer members many different features. Members can post their scores to update their handicap, include game stats, as well as view other members' handicaps and club leaders by handicap class.

They can also sign up for golf tournaments, view tournament results, view the member directory, visualize their monthly statement with invoice details, and much more. Everything is accessible 24/7! The available options are determined by the modules installed at the club as well as personalized settings for each.


Visitor Online Services

The visitor’s online booking module is a must for public and semi-private clubs.

It offers incredible time savings for both pro shops and starters as well as golfers, who can quickly book their tee times online.

The advanced restrictions management system allows the club to decide what time ranges and days are available to the public. Times and dates reserved for members will not be open to the public and vice versa.

 Clubs are also automatically featured on our public reservation portal, Learn more about here. 

New GolfBot Module: Tee time bookings via Facebook Messenger

Point of Sale

The GGGolf Point of Sale is easy to use and highly customizable. It allows maximum control, since billing is done directly from the tee sheet, with greenfee billing based on the date and time of the starting time.  With one button, the software selects the appropriate price by day of the week (or holiday) and tee time. Tee times are marked as "paid" in the tee sheet with a simple color code and reserved and paid cart rentals are also automatically indicated in the tee sheet. The point of sale allows for automatic discounts for certain types of members and/or departments, manages gift certificates, promotional cards (10 – 20 games), guest/cart booklets, as well as rain checks. 



The system offers an integrated solution and interfaces with different third party programs. 

GGGolf can also be integrated with other programs. Contact GGGolf for more information. 

Club Groups and Reciprocals

The technology developed by GGGolf offers one of the most advanced club grouping systems. Over 50 clubs in Quebec and Ontario use GGGolf to manage tee time bookings between different clubs.

Groups PAR, Prestige and Access allow their members to make  online reservations at other clubs belonging to their group. Restrictions can be set up to validate each club's restrictions. Photo ids of visiting members are available in the tee sheet and the point of sale.


Responsive Website Development

GGGolf sites are custom-developed in collaboration with the client. Content management is simple and user-friendly, allowing administrators to make changes at all times, which makes for dynamic websites.

Several modules are available, allowing full customization for all of your needs. Integration with GGGolf's Member Services ensures maximum visibility for your members and public golfers.

Other features and modules

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  • Automatic SMS/Email reminders for tee-times, ballots, tournaments and score entry 
  • Golf Lessons bookings
  • Simulator bookings
  • Dining room reservations
  • iPhone/Android Apps for members
  • App for public golfers
  • Reports and statistics
  • Outstanding customer service
  • and much more...!

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