A golf course mobile app is becoming one of the most sought-after tools for golf courses across Canada. Whether you’re a private, semi-private, or public golf course, there are so many ways you and your members can benefit from this technology.

Mobile apps are a convenient way for your members to book tee-times and access their profile. Plus, the app talks to your golf course management system which helps you better streamline your golf course member data.


The competition is high for golf courses right now, so it’s important you stay ahead of the curve. Here are three reasons why you should be using a mobile app for your club.


Create Ease and Convenience for Your Members

First and foremost, a golf course mobile app is extremely convenient for your members – happy members means a successful club! A mobile app allows your club members to book their tee-times on the fly and manage their tee-sheet right in their pocket – 24/7! 

This ability can give the upper-hand especially to public golf courses and help them increase their customer loyalty. Providing the ease of booking a tee-time will put your course top of mind when golfers are looking for their next spot to hit the green.

Plus, for private golf courses the convenience of a mobile app shows your membership you’re doing everything possible to make it easier for them to get onto the course.


Increase Member Engagement

The beautiful part of a mobile app is how powerful of a marketing tool it can be. Even when a user doesn’t have it opened on their phone, they can still receive notifications from the app itself.

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A golf course mobile app allows for push notifications and in-app messages which both increase member engagement. A push notification is a banner that appears on the member’s phone and users of your app need to have it enabled in order to receive it. In-app messages are messages that you can send directly to members through the app.

You can use both for the following:

  • Tournament/event invitations
  • Tee-time reminders/ Newly opened tee-time slots
  • Golf course updates (i.e. changes, weather closures, etc.)

Plus, you can use the app to allow your members to provide feedback on your course, either through in-app messaging or a push notification asking how their round of golf went.


A Golf Course Mobile App Boost Sales

There are many ways you can help boost sales and revenue through a mobile app.

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re a public course then offering a mobile app will help increase customer loyalty to your course. The app provides convenience and convenience increases the sales – golfers will be more likely to pay to play at your course rather than the competition.

Golfers can also easily use the app to shop through pro shop items, 24/7. Plus, they have the ability to order food and drink straight from the app. Essentially, you’re allowing your full club to be accessible through this app. 

Curious how your golf course can get set up with a custom mobile app? Visit our mobile app page to learn more!