Golf tournaments have gained popularity over the past decade with some golfers attending events every month.

Golf tournaments are used for business purposes as well as charity purposes. Creating a tournament that attracts golfers from different places can be a difficult task for some of us. Making a unique golf tournament can be a daunting task, so we have made it easy for you!

How can you stand out from the crowd? By using a membership management system in which each individual is managed separately! These systems are designed to take the guesswork out of managing your golfers, whether in a tournament or not.

The most essential part of the golf tournament planning process is choosing the best venue for the golf tournament. Secondly, the format and idea of your tournament is a crucial part that will determine success and help you gain popularity. For this, you must plan in advance and develop interesting ideas that will help you have a successful golf tournament. Plus, these tournaments are a great way to bring in extra money!

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When generating ideas for your golf tournament, always consider your target customers or players. The whole concept should entertain them. The best way to entertain is to have an idea that piques people’s interest and gives them something they are looking forward to. Plus, this can also help you develop long-lasting relationships with golfers in the area!

Hosting a golf tournament is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, critical thinking, and careful thought for planning everything. By creating a memorable experience for every person that comes, your event will reach the next level. To achieve this, you need membership management software that helps you manage everything and everyone efficiently.

Here are 5 Golf Tournament Ideas for August to make your season successful.

  • Beat the Pro
  • Scramble
  • Hole-in-One Challenge
  • Best Ball
  • Closest to the Pin
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Beat the Pro

If you think you are good at golf, then this is the best way to make money. Beat the Pro is an interesting popular tournament idea. In this, the pro is stationed at the tee of short par 3 holes. Then, the offer is made to the player that can then bet on hitting their tee shot closer to the pin than the pro. There are different kinds of bets that players can make, but it’s ideal to go for a standard one. If you think you are a pro, then go for bigger bets and make money for yourself.


This is the most popular idea for a golf tournament. There are a lot of different versions of a scramble. This is all based upon how the handicaps are calculated in golf. In a scramble, the participants play in the form of two or four teams. In this, everyone tees off on each hole. After this is done, everyone tries to hit their second shot from the exact spot where the best drive landed. This continues like this until the hole is completed and the first ball lands in the hole. This is a beneficial golf tournament idea.

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Hole-in-One Challenge

This is a golf tournament idea that is a full-on contest and event of its own. In this kind of tournament, the organizers usually designate a par 3 used as a contest hole. In some of the tournaments, the golfers are allowed to enter this contest. Sometimes a small fee is charged to them to enter. They have to pay the price when they are about to reach the hole. An option is given to them where they can pay for extra shots to make an ace.

Best Ball

This is the most straightforward golf tournament idea in the golf game. In this, everyone plays in a team of two or four. They all play with their own balls, as they would do during a regular game. But now comes the twist, where the score of only one player is counted. The lowest score made of each player on each hole is recorded and set as a team score. To make this game more interesting, each player’s score must be used a certain number of times, even if it’s not the lowest. This is done to keep the teams from using the score of the same player for each hole. To keep all the data of golfers, you need membership management software that can easily manage all of their data.

Closest to the Pin

There is another kind of golf tournament idea that is related to par 3 holes. For this kind of tournament, you need two volunteers. One volunteer is there to make money and the other is performing all the essential tasks and measuring the distance. For this tournament, the golfers have to pay a small fee to enter to see who drives closest to the pin. The person who wins gets a gift, money, or voucher to spend at a pro shop.

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