Did you know that the tee sheet contained in your golf course management software is the most important piece of technology you use at your golf club? It’s true. In fact, the tee time inventory you set for course operations literally controls your day-to-day operations.

You need to have full faith in your golf course management software to be powerful and robust enough to achieve the goals you set out, and to make your members’ experience the most streamlined and pleasant that it can be. So, how can you do that?

Here are 5 ways that your tee sheet can be optimized within your larger golf course POS software, so that you know you’re providing top-notch service. 

1. Choose a golf course management software that is customizable with advanced functionality

Firstly, managing how you want to set up your tee sheet is always step #1 for golf course POS software. GGGolf’s base software platform comes complete with many features, modules, and integrations. Plus, operations managers and pro shop staff are equipped with the ability to generate their daily tee sheet using the Simple or Advanced menu, depending on the level of customization required.

The advanced tee time generation tool is very useful. For example, you could:

  • Set up your tee times for your entire week, or an entire month
  • Create a second or even third set of tee times
  • Make administrative settings that affect multiple courses
  • Skip generating tee sheets for a particular date/day of the week
    • If your times or set-up is different on Saturday & Sunday, for example
  • Apply special discounts for part of a day
    • ie. twilight pricing
  • Apply booking restrictions for part of or a full day
    • ie. from 6:30-9 a.m., you could set the maximum number of players per foursome at 2.

As you can see, GGGolf’s POS software is quite a powerful tool that your team can use to customize tee sheets to reflect exactly what your course requires.

2. Ensure your golf course management software can handle shotgun tournament set-ups

In any given season, your course will likely need to be able to handle the unique set-up that a shotgun tournament requires. GGGolf’s software provides a simple way to arrange shotgun settings inside the Advanced Tee Sheet module.

Additionally, GGGolf makes it simple to monitor and organize start times, member status, and member comments so that your shotgun tournament is enjoyed without a hitch.

Start of tournament - golf course management software gggolf

3. Know your revenue management

We found this article at SagaCity Golf a great overview of why a general knowledge of revenue management can really help your golf club operations. In fact, good revenue management can help you keep on top of your tee sheet organization to ensure it is optimized.

For instance, a few things to keep in mind are: 

  1. Your occupancy percentage. How full is the tee sheet on a given day? Divide your Rounds Played by Capacity to get this metric. Set your goal at management level and if you’re not reaching your desired occupancy, ask yourself why. Could you use more marketing efforts? GGGolf provides integrated marketing solutions to get more players at the tee blocks — just ask us how!
  2. Your revenue per round, and your average rate per round
  3. Your independent member bookings vs. other sources

Check out the original article for more information on revenue management for golf courses.

GGGolf integrations

4. Choose software that boasts advantageous integrations

An optimized tee sheet and golf course management software worth its salt will offer its customers a suite of software integrations that make the product an even better tool for their use.

GGGolf is proud to integrate with the following external software companies and organizations:

Golf Genius
Acomba, for accounting
Golf Canada, for handicapping

“We are very pleased with this robust tee time software. The membership is very pleased with the ease of booking tee times, making lottery bookings and posting scores to Golf Canada.”

Dan Poort, Head Golf Professional, Brantford Golf & Country Club

5. Give your members an excellent booking experience which, in turn, translates to an organized tee sheet

The experience your members have when booking their tee times is crucial to your overall operations and translates to real dollars. Your members are the heart of your course.

GGGolf’s automatic lottery draw simplifies and quickens the process of your members’ booking experience, while ensuring each booking is fair and calculated. Your members can rest easy knowing their data and preferences are managed effectively.

We pride ourselves in keeping an open communication with our customers and are always looking for ways to improve our product to serve the clubs and their members. 

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In conclusion, it is important to pick a golf course management software that is all-around the most robust, powerful tool for your club. Let us show you why GGGolf is your next end-to-end club management solution — book a demo today!