Golf Canada Synchronization Issues (Member is not showing a Handicap)

1. Open the GGGolf desktop application.
2. In the main window click on the Members button.
3. Within the Member’s list, locate and double click on the member in question.
4. Within the member’s profile, click on Misc.

5. Verify and ensure the member has been assigned a Golf Canada Membership #

a) If the member has not been assigned a GC Membership #, the Golf club will need to contact Golf Canada
b) Ensure the member is set to Gold or Gold Pending under Golf Association (handicap) dropdown.
c) Once these pieces of information have been confirmed and entered, exit the member’s profile and close the GGGolf application.
6. Log-on to the Golf Canada site ( to access and view the clubs member roster to verify and ensure the member in question is set to active. If the member is NOT set to active, the club will need to contact Golf Canada.
7. Open the GGGolf Administrative Tools
8. On the side menu tab click on Automation → Golf Canada Members → Select the Golf Club of the member in the drop down.
a) Check off the box Update?

9. Click on the Execute button