How to Create a Tournament (Link Tournament to the Tee Sheet)

1. Open the GGGolf desktop application

2. In the main window click on the Tournament button (if the club is subscribed to the Event module, the same button will be named Event Management)

3. In the menu bar click on List of Tournaments

4. Click on the Add button.

5. Once all the required information has been entered in the Event Registration Details click on the check mark at the top to save.

6. To link the Tournament which you created to the Tee Sheet, in the menu bar click on Rounds.
a) Before you can link the Tournament to the Tee Sheet ensure that a Tee Sheet has been generated first for that day.
b) Enter the Date of the Round s
c) Enter the # of rounds for the tournament
d) Enter the time of the first tee time
e) Enter the time of the last tee time
f) Enter the # of players per Tee Time

7. Click on the Display Tee sheet button

8. Once the information has been entered, RIGHT click anywhere on this row and select Block tee times for round.

9. Exit the Tournament module and return to the Tee Sheet for the day in question and the Tournament will now appear.