1. Open up a File Explorer and select Network. Network is used to see all the other computers on the same Network as yours.

2. Find the Server Computer in which the GGGolf Program is hosted on. Once selected, GGGolf will appear as a Shared File within it.

Notes: If you are unsure as to which computer is hosting GGGolf or if you can’t find any computer on your Network, please contact your club technician as he is responsible for your equipment. We are not responsible for that.

3. Select GGGolf again to see all the files within the Shared File.

4. Find the Application called GGGolf (or GGGolf.exe).

5. Once found, select the file using the right mouse button and do Create shortcut. A new file called “GGGolf – Shortcut” should appear.

6. Drag and drop the “GGGolf – Shortcut” file onto your Desktop.

Notes: Make sure to log into your GGGolf and go to Options and then System to select your Workstation Type. If your Workstation type needs to be setup as Proshop or Administration, please look for How to link GGGolf to Acomba.