Follow this procedure to generate an Excel exportation of detailed information for the club’s members which can be manipulated within Excel using “Pivot tables”.

This will produce a report based on the specific needs of the club.

1. Open the GGGolf desktop application.
2. In the main window click on the Members button
3. In the menu bar click on Reports → Export data to Excel → Detailed Info

a) Use Current filter Selection: Check this box if you want to export specific member types and not all the club’s members
b) Include Inactive Members: Check this box if you want to include inactive members ( members of previous years )
c) Include Special Members: Leave this one unchecked
d) Include Non-Golf Members: Uncheck to generate a report of golf members only ( no social, curling, etc.)
e) Include Notes: Leave checked
f) Calculate Ages and Numbers of Years members as of: Leave default date, unless you want to generate a report of previous years.

4. Click Generate file
5. Save file on desktop
6. Open file with Excel
7. Client will need to use the Pivot table feature within excel to build the specific report they are looking for.